Stunning LA Street Art Pays Tribute To The Late Stan Lee


It’s now been just under two weeks since the news broke that Stan Lee had passed away, and we’re still seeing the emergence of some new and creative tributes to the man who helped make Marvel what it is today.

One particularly impressive addition to the long line of remembrances is this new piece of street art located in South Los Angeles. Alongside the writer’s own familiar face is two of his most famous creations: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom. Reddit users have reported this mural’s location to be on 48th Street and St. Andrews, so feel free to swing by if you happen to be in the area.

Of course, the internet is already overflowing with messages and artwork remembering the late comic book creator. Spider-Man’s own MCU representative Tom Holland, for instance, took to Instagram with a photo of himself and Lee, along with a caption praising the author for making “so many people so incredibly happy.” Elsewhere, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman offered a creative tribute of his own, sharing a video which shows the actor sending Lee to the other side with a round of drumming. Meanwhile, a recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter saw a variety of groups honor the writer’s memory with a series of full-page ads, including one design that was signed off by the six cast members of the original MCU Avengers.

Though Stan Lee is no longer with us, his traditional Marvel movie cameos look set to continue for a few more features, with his next being the upcoming animation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. That film arrives in theaters on December 14th, and according to producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the man was bursting with ideas on what form his voice role could take.