Three Captain Americas Unite In Awesome Veterans Day Poster

Three generations of Captain America come together to mark Veterans Day in this awesome new poster. The Sentinel of Liberty is one of Marvel’s original superheroes, debuting way back in 1941, and though Steve Rogers is the original and most famous of those to sport the star-spangled shield, he’s by no means the only one to take on the mantle. His two close friends, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, have both served as Cap themselves.

And this new poster, shared by Marvel Entertainment on social media this November 11, showcases the three different Caps united. The awesome artwork depicts Wilson wielding the shield in the center, with Rogers on his left and Bucky, in his distinctive blue and black suit, on his right. The backdrop showcases Steve in his classic costume standing before the flag. Check it out via the tweet below:

The MCU finally caught up to the comics this year with Disney Plus; The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which saw Anthony Mackie’s Sam pick up the shield to officially take up his friend Steve’s mantle and become the world’s new Captain America. The screen franchise skipped over Bucky becoming Cap, though, and instead, Falcon featured John Walker (Wyatt Russell) temporarily assuming the gig before he went rogue and became U.S. Agent.

There’s always room for Bucky-Cap to appear in the What If…? animated series, however. Speaking of, the first season of the recent show introduced another alt-version of the hero —  Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), from a universe where Peggy took the super-serum instead of Steve. This reminds us that there are female Caps out there in the Marvel multiverse, although this poster just focuses on the three most iconic iterations.

Who is your favorite Captain America? Let us know your choice in the comments, Marvel fans.