Titans Writer Talks “The Lazarus Contract” In New Video


Although “The Button” has yet to conclude, DC isn’t giving readers a chance to catch their breath as they begin yet another huge crossover this week in the form of “The Lazarus Contract.” Beginning with Titans and then spilling over into Teen Titans and Deathstroke before concluding in an oversized annual later this month, the tale sees Slade Wilson attempt to harness Wally West’s Speed Force abilities in an effort to resurrect his son, Jericho. Sure, we already know that a bold new era awaits the assassin this summer, but part of the fun is seeing how he gets there.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, co-host Whitney Moore caught up with one of the architects of the crossover, Dan Abnett, to discuss what’s in store for us. Not surprisingly, he said that they’re paying homage to The Judas Contract, the very same classic story arc by Marv Wolfman and George Perez that was recently adapted to an animated movie (you can read our review here), while also creating something exciting and new.

Aside from the appeal that comes with bringing all these characters together, the talent making this a reality may be enough to sell it alone. Joining Abnett are the respective writers for the other books participating in the crossover, Benjamin Percy and Christopher Priest. And seeing as how each of them have been hitting home run after home run since Rebirth began, we fully expect this to live up to the hype.

Titans #11 arrives in comic shops tomorrow, May 10, so be sure to check back for our review.