Wade Wilson Kills Batman’s Parents In Deadpool #1


One element that’s set Deadpool comics apart from the majority of everything else out there is that of the Merc with a Mouth’s penchant for breaking the fourth wall. In fact, his self-awareness and referencing what happens in specific issues have even carried over to the movies.

Having said that, the proud tradition continues with the release of Wade Wilson’s newly relaunched series, as Deadpool #1 – get this – sees the titular anti-hero killing Bruce Wayne’s parents! Quite naturally, neither the word “Batman” or “Wayne” are spoken because this wasn’t part of a legitimate crossover such as, say, JLA/Avengers, but we all know what the creative team was getting at here.

Basically, D. Piddy inserted himself into the origins of other icons before eventually winding up in the would be Dark Knight’s. In this instance, he’s standing over a kid in an alley shortly after murdering the young lad’s mother and father, before going on about how they must’ve been “grade-A pieces of shit” for someone to have put a contract out on them, and even discourages him from taking up a life of crimefighting.

Deadpool #1

Strangely enough, that actually holds true in some versions of the tale. Though the Waynes being the target of a hit was an idea first introduced during the Silver Age, it’s more often than not due to their altruism getting in the way of Gotham City’s criminal element.

But when it comes to say, Batman: The Telltale Series, it turned out that Thomas Wayne was actually quite corrupt in his day. And though it’s not quite the same, Batman: Earth One revealed that, in that universe, Martha Wayne’s maiden name was really Arkham, thus quite the new spin was put on things there.

Anyways, if you have a macabre sense of humor, be sure to head over to your local comic shop in search of Deadpool #1.

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