It’s All Out War This Week In Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #4


Now that we’re past the halfway point of DC’s first major crossover event of the Rebirth era, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, we expect things to get real in short order. Granted, we’ve already seen the two super teams collide with Killer Frost ultimately proving to be the deciding factor due to her realizing the untapped potential of her powers, but now comes the time for them to set aside their differences in order to deal with the threat posed by Maxwell Lord and his motley crew.

From what we can gather, the images below indicate that epic showdown is set to occur this week. And other than that, I’m quite pleased that not much else is spoiled. This miniseries has been quite an enjoyable read with several twists and turns having been offered thus far, and one would expect the fourth installment to continue that trend.

I must also hand it to artist Fernando Pasarin for being able to capture so many characters in dynamic fashion. Although it may be some time before anyone rivals the legendary George Perez in that regard, his efforts are commendable nevertheless.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, January 11, and you can check out a heavily redacted synopsis for it below:

[REDACTED BY ORDER OF TASK FORCE X DIRECTOR AMANDA WALLER] and [REDACTED] crew of unstoppable [REDACTED] besiege Belle Reve to take possession of the lost [REDACTED], and only the unbelievable team-up of the Justice League and the Suicide Squad can prevent [REDACTED] from taking revenge on Amanda Waller!