Laura Kinney Is Wired In All-New Wolverine #16


Legacy heroes are running rampant at Marvel these days, something we’ve had the opportunity to discuss on more than one occasion lately. The beauty of it all is that it’s not necessarily always men stepping up to fill the shoes of their predecessors. From Jennifer Walters becoming the new Hulk to Jane Foster claiming the mantle of Thor, the A-list crop isn’t as much of a boys’ club as it once was. Such is also the case with All-New Wolverine.

This example, however, felt much more natural than most torch passings due to the fact that Laura Kinney, formerly known as X-23, was the clone daughter of Logan, the original Wolverine who happened to meet his demise a few years back. And, much like her papa, it looks like she’s set to endure some rather unpleasant experiences in next week’s issue that hauntingly echo his past.

Brought to us by visionary writer Tom Taylor and illustrated by Nik Virella, this installment continues to chart new territory in the ever-expanding X-Men mythos. For more information, be sure to check out the official synopsis below, which Marvel has opted to present in bullet points:


• Captured by an old ally, WOLVERINE is going to have to fight against a villain from her past in order to gain her freedom.

• LAURA has fought demons from her past before, but never quite as literally as the person she’s up against now.

• The architect behind the Wolverine’s fall is revealed as Laura is pulled deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld of MADRIPOOR.

All-New Wolverine #16 arrives in comic shops next Wednesday, January 11.