Marvel Teases A Surprising Ally For Wolverine Against A Big Villain


Wolverine has done battle with many of the biggest foes in the Marvel universe over the years, and in this upcoming comic, he’s set to go claw to fang with the Prince of Darkness himself, Dracula. With the lockdown easing, the comic book industry is gradually getting its feet back under it and, as such, delayed titles are finally getting new release dates set for later this year. This includes Wolverine #5, due in September.

So far, we’ve only got the first two issues of Benjamin Percy and Victor Bogdanovic’s Wolverine series, but clearly things must escalate over the next couple of outings as the fifth one will see Logan imprisoned by the infamous vampire. What’s more, he’s going to have to make an “unlikely alliance” in order to escape and take on Dracula. Who knows who Wolverine is set to team-up with, but you can get a taste of the Adamantium anti-hero’s tussle with the undead devil through the epic Adam Kubert cover seen below.

Variant Cover by VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC – Order using APR200903
In the snowbound darkness of the north, Wolverine is the prisoner of Dracula. By forming an unlikely alliance, Logan fights back. Stakes, claws, tricked-out snowmobiles and wintry mayhem await you.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99″

Dracula was unveiled as Wolvie’s latest nemesis in Wolverine #1, which revealed that the Count is after Logan’s blood as consuming it increases his powers, healing factor and invulnerability, even allowing him to go out in daylight. Omega Red is working for Drac as a spy in Krakoa, which teases a major conflict between mutants and vampires to come later in the run. But first, we have to find out how the Canucklehead escapes from Dracula’s clutches in the snowy wilderness.

Wolverine #3 is due to arrive this July, #4 in August and then #5 will hit comic book stores and digital platforms in September.