Zombies Assemble Variant Covers Are Grotesquely Beautiful

If you loved stories such as Marvel Zombies or Blackest Night, or you just dig superheroes and manga, you might want to pay attention to this one. It’s highly possible that you’ve heard of the highly popular Avengers: Zombies Assemble by Yusaku Komiyama (Ixion Saga), but odds are that you’ve been unable to get your hands on a copy until now. Luckily, Marvel is adapting the work for American audiences with Zombies Assemble.

Retaining its original black and white presentation, writer Jim Zub (Thunderbolts) is more than ready to present this tale to a new legion of readers. In fact, the House of Ideas have opted to sweeten the deal by tasking the likes of Greg Horn, David Nakayama, Greg Land, Nic Klein and even Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) with contributing variant covers, each of which can be viewed in the gallery at the top along with select interiors.

Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel had this to say about bringing it Stateside:

“The original manga was a huge hit when it was originally released in Japan. It is very exciting to be able to bring this story to an entirely new audience that may never have gotten to experience it otherwise.”

Zombies Assemble #1 arrives in comic shops on May 10. For more information, be sure to check out the synopsis provided below:

Time and again, the Avengers have assembled to save the Earth from destruction. But they’ve never had to face down a threat as gruesome and terrifying as an endless horde of the undead! Now, with their backs against the wall, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must fight to contain an outbreak of horrifying zombies, while preventing the infection from spreading any further! Is all hope lost?