Netflix confirms games to be announced on Geeked Week’s final day


Netflix‘s one-week event, Geeked Week, where the streaming platform shares exciting news about the fan-favorite movies and TV shows, kicks off its five-day virtual newsroom on Monday, June 6 and ends on Friday, June 10. As promised by Netflix themselves, “each day will be jam-packed with cast reveals, talent appearances, trailer premieres, sneak peeks, surprise announcements and so much more covering over 60 Netflix projects.”

Three weeks before Geeked Week 2022, Netflix has dropped the official trailer that teases the upcoming media, which is set to include Arcane, Stranger Things, The Sandman, The Umbrella Academy and more. Not just that, but Netflix — although not necessarily known for marketing video games — has revealed that “Games” is the fifth and final category for Geeked Week. Check out the entire schedule below, courtesy of Netflix.

Every day of Geeked Week will be dedicated to different themes: 

Monday, June 6 (Day 1) – Series

Tuesday, June 7 (Day 2) – Film

Wednesday, June 8 (Day 3) – Animation

Thursday, June 9 (Day 4) – Stranger Things

Friday, June 10 (Day 5) – Games

Last year, at Netflix’s first-ever Geeked Week (2021), it was announced that the free-to-play, third-person multiplayer online game Smite would be receiving Stranger Things inspired character skins. The streaming giant unveiled a minute-long clip that showcased the models for Eleven, the Demogorgon, Jim Hopper and the Mind Flayer, featuring an “Upside Down Arena” map with Joyce’s alphabetical Christmas lights in the background.

For Geeked Week 2022, who knows? There could be announcement for another live-action video game adaptation or vice-versa, but either way, the excitement is real.

Netflix invites its users and followers to keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and Facebook to get the latest on Geeked Week and all of Netflix’s genre faves.

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