10 Awesome And Underappreciated Video Game Soundtracks

10) No Man’s Sky

Okay, so the actual core game was a bit of a laborious slog, but Sheffield-based 65daysofstatic’s ambient futuristic electronica sci-fi score remains one of the best aspects of Hello Games’ ambitious project. It’s a progressive, experimental soundtrack that cleverly adapts to the gameplay within No Man’s Sky. Surprisingly, most of the 6GB download of the title is made up of the audio that was recorded for the enormous, procedurally generated space exploration sim.

If the core experience was as engrossing and interesting as the music found in Hello Games’ space survival adventure, the developer would have had something truly special on their hands. Unfortunately, the overall result was a disappointingly shallow gameplay experience, fused with a tremendous score that is both extraordinarily chilled and profoundly arresting in equal measure.