10 best fan-made Pokémon we’d love to actually see in the games

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Pokémon has been around for over 25 years and continues to make successful games, TV series, and movies. With almost every new game comes new Pokémon and some are hit or miss — but recently, the newer generations of Pokémon have been missing more than hitting. In fact, some fan artists are doing better jobs than the actual designers. There’s fan-made Pokémon games online and some even utilize fan-made Pokémon, otherwise known as Fakemon, instead of using the official ones from the creators of the franchise.

With all of this amazing digital art floating around the internet and so many fans of these fan-made games and Pokémon, we thought it was only right to make a list of our top 10 fan-made Pokémon and show respect to these masterful artists. Without further adieu, check out some of our favorite Pokémon that were made by fans.

10. Crescelis by Smiley-Fakemon (DeviantArt)

Created by Smiley-Fakemon on DeviantArt, Crescelis is very obviously modeled after a dolphin and/or a shark, with a simple and sleek design which works pretty well. Think about Sharpedo and how obvious it is what it’s modeled after, both in name and in shape. Crescelis is like that too, only its name doesn’t entirely give it away. It even looks like an official Pokémon in both style and pattern. The eyes, weirdly enough, really give it that classic Pokémon feel and just make it a more realistic addition to any game that it could potentially make an appearance in. Perhaps it’s time for Pokémon designers to give Fakemon designers a chance at the newer games.

9. Lagun by Jorge Burgos

A Water-Type designed by artist Jorge Burgos, Lagun looks to be a mix between a stingray and some kind of sea serpent. It even looks like it could be the final form of the Mantyke and Mantine line if you think about it. However, from what I could tell, this Pokémon stands on its own. Its name is simple, but also clever when you think about it. Lagun is a Water-Type who most likely lives in a lagoon-type environment, so naming it that but spelling it differently is a nice nod to its habitat. While it’s out of the typical Pokémon art style, it still fits well enough. I’d love to see Lagun swimming around for us to catch in the games — it looks like it could really do some damage.

8. Bansheep by @_pokemachi_ (Instagram)

A Dark and Fairy-Type Pokémon is already exciting, regardless of what it looks like. These two types are like polar opposites. Instagram user @_pokemachi_ is responsible for this adorable creation of Bansheep, and we’re so thankful to even get to look at it. What would be even better, though, would be the ability to catch it in one of Pokémon’s official games or to see it in action in the series. It’s so cute, but as fans know, Dark-Type moves are usually pretty powerful and sometimes a little scary, so it would be an interesting twist to see something so cute do something so crazy.

7. Harmonell by @an_artist_astray (Instagram)

Harmonell is a fan-made evolution of Chimeco and was created by Instagram artist @an_artist_astray. While it is a little creepy and could be considered nightmare fuel, the design itself when thinking about Chimeco is genius. Chimeco is the bell Pokémon, and to have its evolution include not only pieces of it, but also elements of its pre-evolution, is really creative. You see both aspects of Chimeco and Chingling in Harmonell’s design. The only thing I wish was different was perhaps the name so that it went with the ‘C’ names of its predecessors. Other than that though, the design works really well for the Fakemon.

6. Slizzer by Steve0126 (DeviantArt)

Slizzer looks like it could be one of the three starter Pokémon that a trainer gets to choose from at the beginning of their journey. Created by DeviantArt user Steve0126, Slizzer is a Fire-Type Fang Snake Pokémon. Based on its description in the photo, it would seem Slizzer also has the ability to use Poison-Type moves, so perhaps its evolutions will be dual-type Pokémon? Whatever the case may be, Slizzer is another example of something simple still being a great design. It looks like it could be a basic snake, but when you think about the potential of evolutions and moves it could use, it makes it all the more exciting.

5. Werabiena by @artworks218_ (Instagram)

This werewolf-based Fighting and Poison-Type Pokémon was created by Instagram user @artworks218_. It’s such an interesting idea first of all, taking a legendary creature like a werewolf and using it on which to base a Pokémon is so smart. The color scheme and markings all over its body that look like scratch marks only solidify its design, and make it that much more terrifying to onlookers if it really was in a game or the series. The idea of a werewolf being used as inspiration has me thinking of what other mythical creatures could potentially get Pokémon based off of them.

4. Chowger by @an_artist_astray (Instagram)

Everyone loves a good doggo, especially when said doggo is an Electric-Type Pokémon. Chowger, who was created by Instagram user @an_artist_astray, is very obviously based on the dog breed, Chow Chows. It’s fluffy and adorable like one of those big dogs and making its head look like the sun was a genius addition to the rest of its relatively normal-looking body and overall design. I love the ears and the goofy look on its face with its tongue hanging out of the side of its mouth. Overall, Chowger is a cutie of a Pokémon and sometimes that’s enough to make us want to see him succeed.

3. Marfanta by @Pewfox1 (Twitter)

Marfanta, the adorable elephant who is giving major Dumbo vibes, belongs to artist @PewFox1 on Twitter (as well as @PewFox on Instagram). Its ears are so big that they look like butterfly wings, which makes me wonder if it’s also a Flying-Type along with being a Water-Type. Its design, while simple, is also sleek and adorable, which is usually successful with certain demographics of Pokémon fans. If you look at it closely, it seems to be almost a mix between a butterfly and an elephant, from its ears and even to its trunk that’s rolled up like a butterfly’s proboscis (the thing used to drink nectar). There are multiple aspects that could be seen either way. It’s a truly interesting Pokémon design and one that could be well utilized in the games.

2. Etereon by badafra (DeviantArt)

Pokémon fans have been begging for new Eeveelutions since Sylveon, the Fairy-Type, was announced in Gen VI. Artist badafra on DeviantArt made some of our dreams come true with this ghost-type evolution of the evolution Pokémon, Etereon. From the cuffs around its legs to the paper talisman as its tail, you can tell a lot of thought went into the details of Etereon. It has similar eyes to Leafeon, Eevee’s Grass-Type evolution as well as similar ears to Glaceon, the Ice-Type. So, it fits into the evolution line really well and we could easily see it becoming canon.

1. Imajinx by LuisBrain (DeviantArt)

Definitely one of the most unique Pokémon we’ve ever seen, Imajinx was created by user LuisBrain on DeviantArt. It’s a Fairy-Type and looks like it could have the potential for Psychic-Type moves as well. The only other Pokémon I could think of to compare it to would be Mime Jr., and even that’s a stretch. Imajinx has a beautiful color scheme and a great overall design, making it both cute and seemingly powerful. Though we don’t have its stats, if its looks have anything to do with its strength and defense, odds are they’re pretty good.

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