10 Comic Book Series That Should Get A Telltale Video Game

Telltale Games just released the first episode of their adaptation of Batman and it’s pretty damn great (read our review to find out why). That isn’t very surprising, since the California-based studio has been on an absolute roll ever since 2012’s The Walking Dead. Based on the hit comic book of the same name, Telltale effectively managed to streamline the adventure game genre by having it rely less on absurd puzzle solutions and tweaked it in order to appeal to a larger audience.

Ever since then, they’ve doubled down on their episodic release format and have released video games based on a number of beloved properties. Even other video games such as Borderlands and Minecraft have received the Telltale treatment, but their best work has come with adapting comic books. Due to the success of The Wolf Among Us (based off the Fables line of comics) and now Batman, it’s clear that they have a knack for taking comic book storytelling out of the pages they originated and onto gamers’ TV screens.


Given all this, I couldn’t help but think ahead to the future and in particular, what other comic books would be a good fit for a video game by Telltale? After pondering the possibilities, I’ve come up with 10 very different comics that would be fantastic candidates for an episodic experience like only the developer can deliver.

So, on that note, read on to see our picks for 10 comic book series that Telltale Games should adapt next, and as always, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the list.