10 Gaming Moments That Left Us Devastated

9) Bad Jumps – Assassin’s Creed


As a now established franchise, the vast majority of modern gamers will have found themselves working their way through at least one of the Assassin’s Creed’s titles. These games have found commercial success year after year as they continue to take players into richly-realized alternate histories and turn them into vast, sprawling playgrounds.

Much of this series’ more difficult sequences force players to employ a calm, measure approach as they stalk enemies silently and use their assassin’s unique skill set to operate from towering vantage points. For the most part, the game’s intuitive control system facilitates this, but every so often things can go seriously awry.

Bad jumps can occur at the worst of times in any Assassin’s Creed game, but none are worse than those from the series’ highest viewpoints. In these cases there’s both a safe way down, and various others that are – let’s say – not so safe.

Plunging to a gruesome and undoubtedly painful death is not one of the safe ways…