10 Characters We’d Love To See As DLC In Injustice 2


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or playing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, you should know that Injustice 2 dropped on May 16th – and it’s one of the best fighting video games in a long, long time. In my fellow colleague’s review of it, he described how “its feature set is among the best in the genre, and there’s plenty of reasons to keep playing even after the story ends.” Yip, that’s a pretty good summary of how we feel about it.

From Blue Beetle to Darkseid, we’ve exhausted all these heroes and villains to the point of getting athlete’s thumb. Now, as we look forward to the first Fighter Pack’s release in June, we consider all the other characters that we’d love to see appear in future DLCs. Also, we don’t care if they’re supposedly dead in the storyline. The Joker’s here, even if he’s only Harley’s hallucination.

While we could’ve delved into Mortal Kombat or other Warner-related franchises, we decided to keep this list limited to the DC universe. That said, we’re certain that other properties will find their way to the Injustice world soon enough.

So, without further ado, let’s kick off the speculation on the next page. As always, if you agree or disagree with our choices, please let us know in the comments section down below.

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