10 Gaming Consoles You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

xbox one vs ps4

With Sony’s PlayStation 4 now available, and Microsoft’s Xbox One set for release in just a few days, I thought it might be worth it to take a look back on some of the other gaming consoles that have debuted over the years with similarly high hopes only to be completely glossed over, misunderstood or generally forgotten about.

In researching this article I came across a few of these consoles for the first time myself, so here’s hoping you learn something today outside of the proper, meaningful stuff that you learned in church or school or at work or off the back of a cereal box or some such. I just think it’s fair that someone outside of the fifty people who bought one ought to think about these machines now and then.

Also, please note that every one of these is in fact a variation on an already-existing (and massively popular) machine. As far as I remember, I’ve never seen a single one of these in actual human life, and that’s as an actual human man who’s been known to visit a shop on occasion (though only in extreme cases of course, like the exhaustion of one’s bread supply or for the purchase of PSN vouchers back in the post-hack paranoia that gripped us all two summers ago). For your benefit, and ’cause I’m just the sweetest, I’ve organized them by category, so do keep reading, you persons.

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  1. Benjamin Cyrsays:

    Is this accurate? If I remember the Genesis 3 was not manufactured by Sega at all, it was licensed by another company. So the idea that Sega didnt move ahead with the times is not correct. They were not involved in this version of the console. Also the CDX could NOT play 32X games, it was only a hybrid of the CD and Genesis. The 32X could NOT be used on it. The fact that Sega DID want to keep moving forward is WHY we got the Sega CD, the 32X, and the Saturn all in a window of a few years.

    The PS2 did not end production until 2012 and 2013 (depending on region), so your listing of the Sony TV that can play PS2 games is not correct either (as it was released 2 years before the PS2 console was discontinued, and games are STILL being released for it as of this past summer). So either the TV came out THIS MONTH or that entire time frame you presented is false.

    1. Mattsays:

      Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve gone back and made the necessary changes.

    2. jayman419says:

      Sega had a plan, they had the future all figured out. There was the Genesis for entry level gamers (or kids, essentially), then they had the Sega CD and the 32x for gamers to grow into, or for those on a budget but who wanted to play games with higher quality graphics or sound. Finally they had the Saturn coming out for people who were willing to spare no expense on their hobby, and wanted the very best quality that money could buy.

      What Sega didn’t foresee was that gamers would be willing to accept ugly polygon-based games so readily, especially when sprite-based games were really reaching their apex as far as what could be done both artistically and as far as gameplay goes.

      The Saturn was designed for sprites. Big, beautiful handdrawn art like Darkstalkers and DragonForce. But Sony was able to make a cheap console that focused on polygon-based games, with sprites as an afterthought. Sega quickly redesigned their architecture, adding another core to support this new style of graphics. Unfortunately, this made the system very difficult to program for (at least for some companies) and even with the changes, it still wasn’t enough to bring their system on par with what the PSX could do out of the box.

      1. born_naughtysays:

        PSX? Really?

      2. Phillip Blairsays:

        Dude, it’s either a ps or ps1, the psx was a totally different console, as you should have just learned.

    3. Jokosays:

      The 32X did work on the CDX, you just needed the right cable. I think I found something at Radio Shack that worked, but I did get it working.

  2. Rogerio Ap Silva de Andradesays:

    What were the two consoles that “took off” against the GC? At that time, only PS2 sold well and dominated the market. Xbox sold similar numbers to the GC. Neither one actually “took off”. Xbox only get the attention of big audiences on its second instance

    1. S. Doblex Esquiresays:

      Xbox sold more units than Gamecube in less time and had Xbox Live. Had Microsoft’s first console not done well they wouldn’t have had a second.

      1. Dion Abbottsays:

        Losing billions = doing well.

      2. Simon Stevenssays:

        Hardware sales don’t make money, third party game sales don’t make money for the platform there on, first party does, 100% profit infact, gc made money despite low hardware lifetime sales, Nintendo have the best selling ips in the industry and have sold more units of software than any other publisher, fact.

      3. TheRequiem95says:

        The Xbox did okay, but they still pulled the plug on it after only 4 years. It was always meant to just get Microsoft’s foot in the gaming door, which it did, but it never really did well outside the US, where it was still a very distant second behind the PS2, at best.

      4. tazsays:

        The First Xbox did well in Australia for the time . I still have one with plenty of games. Preferred it over the 360 actually and still use it to this day.
        I stopped bothering about xbox live once i was sick of Halo on 360 as there wasn’t anything else of note worth playing on it.
        Problem was great games like Mech assault and Conkers bad fur day suffered when they dumped xbox live access on the first xbox before they really should have.
        Still , it was well built and still runs perfectly 13 years later.
        My PS1 and Dreamcast still run perfectly as well.
        They used to actually make machines that lasted.

  3. Ray186says:

    I still Have my Sega CD and all of the games that I brought. It still works just fine. It wasn’t just a game console though. It was also a gigantic portable CD player.

    1. blessedswinesays:

      i still got my saturn and all the games including Panzeer dragoon and it still works the memory card is bad though!!! wish i could get another one of those somewhere.

  4. Andrew Hobacksays:

    hah, you fell, I have heard of the genesis 3, in fact, I was holding it in my hand while reading this article, I was appose to put it away but I got distracted, I live in the usa

  5. Jokosays:

    Not true about the CDX not being compatible with the 32X. You just needed the right cables, I got it to work for me.

    1. Nightwingsays:

      Yeah. My cdx works fine with the 32X.

      1. LarryBundyJrsays:

        Exactly, the only “incompatibility” was it would topple over from the weight if you didn’t prop it up properly.

      2. jasonZaksays:

        Larry I watch you on YouTube and I just wanna say it’s arson that you actually reply to comments and whatnot. Also, it’s a real pleasure seeing you here.

        Did the UK get the PSX? I thought it was only available in Japan.

      3. LarryBundyJrsays:

        Ah thanks dude 😀 Well, I always feel that peopl have taken the time out to watch my video and comment on it, the least I could do is to reply to them. It just feels rude otherwise.

        But Alas no, the PSX only ever came out in Japan, but apparently it was incredibly unreliable, so that may be for the best.

      4. Jason Zaksays:

        Cool. Cool cool cool. The author had just mentioned being able to correct all the “PSX” people so I was wondering. Maybe you should do a video actually doing what this article is titled. lol

      5. LarryBundyJrsays:

        It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, funnily enough! Definetely wanted to do a video on the C64GS and the GX4000 as there’s nothing about them really online.

      6. jasonZaksays:

        Go for it man!
        Also, more board games with Stuart would be nice as well. lol

      7. LarryBundyJrsays:

        Cool, we’ve got two, possibly three board game videos yet to go up on the channel. The guy who was supposed to edit them hasn’t finished them, so I might take over and do them instead.

      8. jasonZaksays:

        Send em to me! haha

      9. LarryBundyJrsays:

        You can edit videos? Seriously?

      10. jasonZaksays:

        Yeah. In high school I made a video of me interviewing myself. lol And I’ve watched a lot of Stuart and your videos (I think I just butchered the grammer on that) and I know what your vids look like.
        If you like I could comment on one of your YouTube vids so you can message me there and we can exchange emails and whatnot.

    2. TheRequiem95says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s totally designed to work with a 32X. The 32x even came with a plastic spacer to make it look cleaner on the 32X & Genesis model 2.

  6. mehallsays:

    “10 Gaming consoles you’ve probably never heard of”? I count 3 I owned personally and another 2 that friends had. The only one you “got me” with was that stupid TV at the end.

  7. Petersays:

    “only 720p” doesn’t make a lick of sense for a 22″ TV.

    Had it been a PC screen, I’d understand, but a TV you sit at a distance where it just doesn’t matter. And it’s not like the PS2 can output anything more than 576i anyway.

    1. tazsays:

      Which is why i play ps2 games on my ps3 with build in hardware smoothing . Lucky enough to have the original PS3 that plays ps1 , 2 and 3 games.
      It was a shame they dropped the compatibility after that.
      I haven’t found a ps2 game yet that doesn’t work perfectly in it.

  8. Daniel Stormageddon Mcgregorsays:

    they forgot about atari they had a machine they didnt release it was the saame as th n-64 nintendo just beat them on release

  9. Nickoli Gregsays:

    Mega PC…..did not cost 4 billion dollars, dude the GBP is not that high in value lol

  10. DB Nsays:

    I was one of the 12 people to have a Virtua Boy….

    1. Kalsays:

      I did too red alarm was an awesome game
      Wish I’d never sold mine now

      1. DB Nsays:

        You got money for yours? I just gave it away to a friend.

        And TeleroBoxer blew my mind back then. Red Alarm was so hard to see what the hell you were doing but was pretty fun once you “got it”.

  11. Moats G.says:

    “but it’s a far cooler name than Genesis”

    Best joke ever.

  12. ThinkSoJoEsays:

    Anybody who thinks the 32X version of Mortal Kombat II was “arcade perfect” never played the 32X version.

    1. Wade wilsonsays:

      Very True. Home versions of that game were awful.

      1. ThinkSoJoEsays:

        Most of them were terrible, especially for the Sega consoles. The recent versions released for PS3 & 360 are emulations of the arcade version and are almost perfect.

      2. LarryBundyJrsays:

        You’ve got a very loose definition of the word “terrible”.

        If anything they were pretty decent.

  13. Chris Pie Allsays:

    I honestly wonder why some of these didn’t make it to the US market, I mean I understand the super nintendo TV was for JP television and would have to be redeveloped with a US cable/sattelite partner. But the PSX sounded like a good idea. I would of definitely bought another ps2 if it was also a DVR. In Canada you could only really get a DVR through cable companies unless you wanted to do it yourself. I think combining the TV with a PS2 was just a bad idea.

    1. Benny Benignsays:

      Wow, you just reminded me that I worked for the company that was to make the DVR for the PSX;which was Macro System US in Boulder,CO.

      1. Chris Pie Allsays:

        That’s really cool for some reason I assumed it would be made in Japan.

  14. angelus mortissays:

    All this is bullshit

  15. Phantomsays:

    the gamecube? forgotten? im only 14 and I remember the gamecube, I had a limited edition pokemon XD gamecube, and I also used to love playing the Nintendo 64 when I was little. I loved playing diddy kong racing on the 64 and super amsh bros melee on gamecube. Also, over in America (no offense to Britain or wherever) the gamecube and Nintendo 64 are two of the most famous and influential consoles in American gaming history. (if that makes sense)

    1. Guestsays:

      I think the whole point of the N64 being here was the N64DD, he wasn’t talking about the N64 itself.

    2. ninjadentistsays:

      The Gamecube will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first console I ever bought with my own money…and I played the shit out of it!

  16. lickysays:

    I’ve heard of all of these

  17. Mike Bsays:

    Oh my, I think I owned about a third of these (mostly the Sega machines). Feel like a dork…

  18. Dáibhí wotshissurnamesays:

    Since when do you deem a console that sold over 21 million units (GameCube) a failure? The Xbox only sold a little bit more and both bite the dust in the wake of the Playstation 2.

  19. Clonesays:

    What, no ATARI JAGUAR system in this top 10? Does not compute. Does not compute. Does not bzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Guestsays:

      Everyone has heard of the Jaguar….

  20. Taylor Greensays:

    My sega saturn shittin’ brizzicks.

  21. General_Jimbosays:

    I bought the CDX, played it for a week (mostly Sonic CD) and returned it and bought some new speakers. Picked up a Panasonic 3DO a week later. Had a lot more fun with that one. Doom, Wing Commander 3, Gex, Way of the Warrior. Lots of good memories there.

  22. chanyphillysays:

    Great article! Humorously and honestly written, loving the retro feel. Remember reading about a lot of consoles that did and didn’t make it onto the market and their subsequent failures, still gotta love ’em for trying though, and in their own way, making history.

  23. Lord Agonysays:

    Anyone remember the Atari Jaguar (I think that was the name).

    1. Colicubsays:

      The Atari Jaguar CD should have been on this list.

    2. tazsays:

      I remember it , it was passed off as a 64 bit machine when in fact it was 2 x 32 bit processors so a bit of a scam.

  24. hurricane567says:

    a buddy of mine that worked for a video rental place had access to a CDX. He didn’t want to set it on the carpet so he got a chair with a hard plastic seat on it to sit it on. We played so much After Burner III the machine started to run hot and we ended up melting a little scar into the seat.

  25. Bruno Andradesays:

    Something not mentioned in this article: The Genesis 3 (just as 1 and 2) was also sold as Mega Drive 3 here in Brasil and had a different box. Plus, you could fit the Sega CD on it, while on the Genesis 3 I believe you can’t.

  26. xXAnonXxsays:

    Since when can the ps3 not play ps2 games? I have Battlefront 2 loading as I type.

  27. Derp Herpsays:

    The N64 did have better graphical capabilities than the PlayStation, but it ran on cartridges, despite being less costly to produce, could barely fit a game like Final Fantasy 7. The PlayStation’s 8GB CD drive couldn’t fit that game onto one disk. Keep in mind the most critically acclaimed games for the N64 were from Nintendo, or Rare, in the case of Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 007.

    1. Enmitysays:

      Sorry, but 8GB CD drive? Playstation disks on average were 740megs some reaching the 800meg capacity neither even reaching 1gig in space. DVDs are only 4.3gigs in space. The game FFVII itself wasn’t even 2gigs in space total if I remember correctly.

  28. Robsays:

    Well 20 pounds is about 35 dollars not 3

  29. PatcherStationsays:

    Mega Drive, Mega CD and 32X, they all look odd when connected together. The 32X didn’t last long, but the only game I played on it was Virtua Racing, which was the best conversion. Never got to play any 32X CD games. The best add-on SEGA released was the Master System converter for the Mega Drive. The Mega Drive 6 button controller was excellent, but not as well made as the 3 button controller. Nothing beats SEGA stuff when it comes to retro gaming. Mega Drive versus SNES, legendary days of gaming.

  30. Marvin P.says:

    That PSX looks NICE!



  32. Colicubsays:

    So, you mention the Nomad yet no mention of the Mega Jet or either Wondermega? And no mention of the HiSaturn Navi or Hotel Saturn? Or the Divers 2000 CX-1 Dreamcast?

    And that’s just Sega. Fail.

  33. Miguel Ángel LSsays:

    What? No Bandai/Apple Pippin?

  34. SeeThruHeadsays:

    You forgot the magnavox/philips CDI. I had one, and it was horrible.

  35. Melodrumaticsays:

    This just reminded me that I worked for the company that was to make the DVR for SONY, which was Macro System US in Boulder CO.

    1. Melodrumaticsays:

      At the time, the DVR was a huge external box. I don’t know if I would have purchased another PS2.

  36. LarryBundyJrsays:

    Misleading title for a article hey?

    You actually showed a MegaDrive/Genesis, a SNES, a PS1, a gamecube and a Nintendo 64. just different variations of the console.

    So “10 variations of consoles you own, but didn’t know existed” would have been more apt.

    As if you want consoles people have never heard of, you’d say stuff like the Playdia, the NEUON, the Amstrad GX4000, the Commodore C64GS Etc.

    1. likalarukusays:

      Oh hai, Guru Larry.

      1. LarryBundyJrsays:

        Hello there 😀

    2. Hoodsays:

      Don’t forget the Odyssey 2000 which was sold by Magnavox.

    3. ninjadentistsays:

      What about Mattel’s HyperScan? It had the gimmick of RFID tagged cards that could be scanned to unlock game features (namely everything… if you didn’t have at least one character card and one level card, you were pretty screwed). The thing lasted a whopping three months on the market before becoming fodder for the bargain bin.

      1. LarryBundyJrsays:

        Was there ever any info on how many they did actually sell? Be interesting to see if I could get one, but from memory most of the games were typical mid ’00s flash-type games, or like those ones you get on those Wii rip off consoles.

  37. likalarukusays:

    I vaguely remember playing some Chaotix & Tails game at a friend’s house on some handheld system who’s name slips my memory. You’re not missing anything; you only got 1 life & had to start over from the beginning, the size was tiny, the screen was terrible, & the system overheated like a BlackBerry Playbook running Solitaire.

  38. Yupperssays:

    I had a Sega Nomad for a while that I got at a yardsale. I of course sold it because, well… it’s useless. The TSA LOVED it though when I tried to bring it on a plane. They’re all like… A MO PUKIN’ SEGA N’ SHYT!? In Duh Palm O’ Yo’ HAN! Dat’s GOTTA be a BOMB! Lemme… AHHHHHH… Oh, It just Sonic… MOVE ALONG HONKEY!… WTF just happened!? Where duh fuq was I when dat shit came out!!!

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