10 Video Game Heroes Who Could Easily Be Villains

10) Pac-Man

Pacman arcade

Pac-Man is one of gaming’s favourite sons, and his story seems to be a fairly simple and one-sided one. As he works his way through a maze satisfying his seemingly endless hunger eating all available Pac-dots, he also defends himself against approaching “ghosts” to survive.

But what if he isn’t the flawless hero we all think he is? We’ve come to consider that the sustenance Pac-Man devours belongs to him, but what if it isn’t collected by the man himself? What if he’s stealing from the poor ghosts who chase him away to stop him stealing their harvest?

Now, I’m not suggesting you suddenly re-think your whole Pac-Man outlook, but consider the possibility of an alternative title where players control their team of ghosts trying to protect their food from a greedy, yellow murderer. I know I’d play it!