10 Gaming Worlds That We’d Love To Live In

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A good video game setting can be a wondrous thing. As technology has advanced and games have become bigger and more expansive, gaming worlds have become a feature that can make or break the experience for the players. What use is a good story and interesting characters if the world that houses their adventures is boring or unimaginative?

Over the years, developers have managed to gather all sorts of acclaim for gorgeously realized and perfectly crafted settings. These vary from shades of reality to outrageous departures from anything we can experience in real life, but all have their own merits when put together well. Many video game reviews even save some of their best plaudits for gaming worlds, and the critical treatment of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers the perfect example of just how important these can be to the overall experience.


But what if these worlds weren’t limited to just being experiences on the other side of a console screen? That’s right; we’re talking about actually getting to live inside the worlds that we’ve already sunk countless virtual hours into. We’ve put together a list of the 10 gaming worlds we’d most like to live in, with a little explanation for what would make each of them so appealing.

Not that you’ll need the explanations, that is; who wouldn’t want to live in these worlds?!