10 Gaming Worlds That We’d Love To Live In

10) Dunwall

Kicking off our list is the steampunk-inspired, industrial city of Dunwall from 2012’s Dishonored.

Players will have found themselves thrust into the dark underbelly of its impoverished world at the centre of a plague infestation and a royal conspiracy. Great place to live, eh? Assuming one could avoid falling foul of the likes of Spymaster and his teleporting assassins, Dunwall could actually be a pretty neat place to live.

It’s ever-growing industrial nature would prove intriguing for the technically minded, while the dabblings of dark arts and magic could entice the – let’s say – more curious individuals into its lore. Gigantic plague rats aside, Dunwall really is one heck of an interesting place.


9) Albion

Albion Brightlodge_V2

Its appearance is certainly on the cuter scale of the RPG genre, but Albion’s appeal lies less in aesthetics and more in culture. After all; how many other worlds enlist adventurous children into a guild of heroes from an early age? Not bloody many…

The life of an excited youngster in Albion seems somewhat of a charmed one. You could grow up as carefree as you like for as long as you like, but once the adventurer’s itch takes over in your early teens, you can enrol into the guild and become a mighty warrior or fierce mage.

Think of it as sending yourself your own Hogwarts acceptance letter!

8) Bright Falls

alan_wake 41

The setting for Remedy’s Microsoft exclusive, Alan Wake, is more than likely one for the thrill-seekers among you, but could be a pretty exciting place to live nonetheless. Set gorgeously at the edge of a picturesque lake and comforted by mountains at most sides, Bright Falls looks like it’s been lifted straight from a postcard!

And how about that population? Alan Wake and his wife were greeted by some immensely friendly individuals the moment they arrived, and there’s no doubt gamers felt just as welcome in their quaint town as Alan did… at first.

There’s obviously the problem of the crazy darkness that took over the residents during Alan’s time there, but they can be defeated by torchlight anyway. Once the authorities at Bright Falls can sort out that pesky battery shortage, the residents will be flocking back!