10 Horror Characters Who Should Join Mortal Kombat X’s Next DLC Pack


Horror fans have long been demanding a video game brawler that pits their favorite villains against one another, yet no developer has fully stepped up to the challenge. There’s a downloadable title called Terrordrome: Rise Of The Boogeymen available on the internet, but it’s simply a fan-made effort with plenty of restraints and glitches.

No fully-funded title has ever been able to let Freddy vs. Jason become a virtual reality, at least not until the Mortal Kombat franchise started incorporating famed frighteners into their roster of champion warriors. Mortal Kombat X has already introduced Jason Voorhees and Predator, and an upcoming DLC pack (which you can check out in the video above) will throw Leatherface and an alien Xenomorph in the mix. While staying faithful to franchise fans, it seems that NetherRealm Studios is here to answer the prayers of horror-loving, genre-obsessed gamers.


So now for the fun part – toying around with the possible horror icons who could be competitive in Mortal Kombat‘s constant battle to the death. It’s not as easy as you’d assume. There are some heavy horror favorites that I wouldn’t let anywhere near Mortal Kombat, because they just wouldn’t compare. I’m a huge Chucky fan, yet his tiny, fragile state would make him an absolutely useless fighter. There’s a reason why Ferra fights with Torr – and Chucky has no Torr. Same goes for Leprechaun, sadly.

So who would make a good Kombatant? What unstoppable nightmares could make the likes of Johnny Cage and Raiden shake in their boots? Who could take the punishing blows from Jackson Briggs, or Kotal Kahn’s searing sun beam? There are plenty of worthy fighters, but here are ten fun picks who could throw down with the best in Mortal Kombat X – if you’re listening, NetherRealm Studios.