10 Ways That Gaming Is Destroying Your Life

xbox one controller copy

Gaming is a fantastic pastime if you’re the type of creature who enjoys wasting hours of your real-life spent in various sham universes playing out the stories of fake heroes and villains. But so what? Everyone needs a hobby to help them survive the soul-crushing monotony of this screen filled, social media nightmare… with yet another screen. Yes, as games are interactive, they are far better for you than gawking at a television screen, unwashed and shirtless. However, because games are interactive, they tend to create strong emotional attachments that trick gamer’s brains into systematically ruining their life from the inside out.

Don’t believe me? Well, here are 10 ways in which gaming is slowly destroying your life. Just to clarify, there is a whole range of information out there and if you don’t agree with points on this list, do some research.

Also, don’t take it too seriously.