12 Video Game Amusement Parks That We’d Never Visit


Cartoon Wasteland (Epic Mickey)


Home to Walt Disney’s most obscure and neglected creations, the Cartoon Wasteland is an animated purgatory for second-rate cartoon characters forgotten by time. An ink-stained nightmare inspired by all of Walt Disney’s theme parks, the Wasteland is like all five of their worst lines rolled into a single parade of sore losers, including Mickey Mouse’s own ill-fated rival, Oswald the (allegedly) Lucky Rabbit, who makes his home on top of a literal mountain of his brother’s own merchandise.

Like its inspiration, the park is divided into themed lands, each a dark incarnation of a Disney landmark, with nasty names like Mean Street and Dark Beauty Castle. A number of rejected characters designs also haunt the Wasteland, including an animatronic Captain Hook.

Seriously, why did Disney reject that?

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