Watch: 15 Minutes Of New Gameplay For Mortal Kombat 11’s Joker


NertherRealm Studios’ hasty redesign of Mortal Kombat 11‘s next DLC character has worked wonders.

DC’s Joker, who will be the second of three guests to join the fighting game’s roster, was met with a lukewarm reception several months back. Concerned that the character’s gameplay would simply be lifted directly from the developer’s DC-centric brawler Injustice 2 as well as being unsold on his design, Batman’s nemesis has, until recently, at least, undoubtedly been considered the black sheep of Mortal Kombat 11‘s Kombat pass by fans.

Now, however, having finally seen Gotham City’s most notorious criminal in action, the mood couldn’t be more different. Following the debut of his new look at last year’s Game Awards and last week’s gameplay reveal, the hype for Joker is at an all-time high. But just in case you still aren’t sold on the newcomer, NetherRealm has released a further 15 minutes of raw gameplay for your viewing pleasure.

While much of what’s on display here has already been covered in past broadcasts, there are a few neat extras worth mentioning. First and foremost, it appears that Joker fans will have access to a variety of customization options, including several different colored pinstripe suits and face paint patterns. Some of these even succeed in making the Dark Knight’s mortal enemy look very dapper indeed, as he beats the living daylights out of MK mainstays Shang Tsung, Raiden and Johnny Cage.

Those that like what they see can purchase Joker (either standalone or as part of the season pass) on February 4th or, for those with early access, January 28th. Mortal Kombat 11‘s third and final guest character, meanwhile, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, is due to release March 26th. See here for more details.