343 Industries Reveals New Halo Game


In a move that was far from surprising, 343 Industries took to the stage during Microsoft’s press conference and revealed a brand new Halo game for the Xbox One. Outside of information relating to Cloud usage and gameplay that will run at a crisp count of sixty frames per second, little was offered.

The short trailer that was used was completely CGI, and the logo that was shown seemed to simply say Halo. It then faded away to show 2014 as its launch window.

The going assumption is that this newly-announced first-person shooter is, in fact, Halo 5, and that will probably end up being true. But, we’ll have to wait to provide you more information on that front, so stay tuned to WGTC as we’ll let you know when more news arises.

For now, check out the new Halo trailer below and let us know what you think.