4 Blood-Curdling Factors That Create The Perfect Horror Game


A quick look around you or indeed up to the sky will tell you that today is Halloween and no doubt many of you will be preparing for this spooky holiday by marathoning your favourite horror films. But we here at WGTC feel that video games can provide something so much more terrifying than any movie can offer. Video games have that special something that no Wes Craven spookfest can hope to top: interactive terror.

There are a slew of titles available that we feel encapsulate what it means to be scared — Alien: Isolation, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Outlast to name but a few. So, for your reading pleasure, we present a series of some of the most iconic and influential horror games ever offered. But we don’t just talk about how good these games are. We dive into the inner workings of these titles and pull forth the very elements that make them stand out, that key aspect that creates such an impact on us horror fans.

So, with that said, here are the four blood-curdling and indeed essential factors that make up the perfect horror game.