The 5 Best Video Game Characters Of 2016 So Far

Nathan Drake – Uncharted 4


We’ve known Nathan Drake for nearly a decade now, but never have we had such an in depth look into the man behind the smirk. Uncharted 4 is a much more personal story than any of the other entries in the series, and it allowed us to finally get into the head of gaming’s most charming treasure hunter.

Naughty Dog’s narrative finesse evolved Nathan Drake into a multifaceted man, and gamers were given the chance to follow him on every step of his journey. We feel the boredom he has with his normal life, and the longing for the past that nearly consumed him. We see his need for excitement, and we learn that, to Drake, the ultimate treasure is not some mythical trinket, but rather that moment when he finely overcomes impossible odds.

At the same time, we see Nate come to terms with the knowledge that these ill begotten treasures never come without consequences. Through his brother, Sam, Nate sees that his determination and lust for adventure are ultimately destructive, both to himself and those around him. Our older and wiser protagonist has come to realize that, in the end, the greatest treasure of all is the connection he has with the people he cares about.

It sounds sappy, but these moments of character development are interspersed between some of the greatest action scenarios of all time. Make no mistake, Drake may be the exact opposite of Doomguy, but he’s no less awesome. We’re just glad Naughty Dog gave us the chance to send him off in style.