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Crew members have famously stated James Cameron can be difficult to work with; on the set of his film Abyss they wore shirts saying “Life’s An Abyss, Then You Die.” Abyss, fittingly, is a five letter word that often comes up in Wordle.

Much like the Avatar films, Wordle cannot be stopped. Each day, the blue cat people of the real world flock to the Pandora of browser games. Hosted by The New York Times, Wordle will only allow six guesses to work out its five letter word.

That challenge can be rather daunting, and here’s some gentle tips and hints to help send you on your way.

5 Letter Words with AR as Second and Third Letters

A fairly eclectic combination of letters, it’s not used too often in five letter words, but here’s our pick.

  • bards
  • barmy
  • carap
  • carob
  • darks
  • earls
  • earth
  • farad
  • farce
  • farts
  • garbo
  • garum
  • hardy
  • jarls
  • karma
  • larva
  • marge
  • narks
  • narco
  • parae
  • parma
  • sarky
  • wards
  • yarak
  • zarfs

Expanding your vocabulary is such a crucial element to getting ahead in Wordle, with a wider knowledge always paying dividends. Who doesn’t want to one-up their colleagues by guessing a word correctly that they’ve never heard of before?

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