5 Sequels We’d Love To See Happen On Next-Gen Consoles


If there’s one thing that gamers love to whine about, it’s a perceived overabundance of sequels. Now, there are undoubtedly many hundreds of other things people whine about, but that’s beside the point: what I’m saying is, sequels are a part of any mature artistic medium’s life, and the sooner we embrace them, the better. Ever hear people whining when a new intellectual property flops? Hardly. But when an established franchise has an interactive miscarriage, everyone gets up in arms. “Damn those creatively bankrupt sequels! Always poisoning our industry!”

There probably is a valid point somewhere within all the squawks and squeals, but at the current moment sequels excite me more than anything else. It’s the dawn of a new console generation, after all, and few things are more thrilling than imagining your favorite characters and worlds coming to life with the raw, gleaming power of something like the PlayStation 4 at their backs. Our last-gen minds probably aren’t even capable of fathoming the game that will inevitably be Grand Theft Auto VI. How do we solve this? Well, we start speculating, that’s how.

Across Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s next-gen consoles, there are dozens of sequels that will likely be made (some already have been on Wii U), and the possibilities for what they may bring to the table are effectively endless. Here are 5 future sequels that have the potential to be incredibly awesome, incredibly beautiful, incredibly massive, or incredibly all of the above.

For the confused: many of these have not actually been announced (yet!)