5 Video Games That Were Robbed Of A Sequel


Just like the latest summer blockbusters, popular video games are guaranteed to produce sequels, but unlike Hollywood franchises, these games tend to improve with each instalment.

While this rule certainly isn’t set in stone, ideas introduced in the original games are often expanded upon with improved graphics and advanced mechanics. Except for when the series in question contains the words “Call” and “Duty.” It’s frustrating that tired franchises pump out the same product year after year when high caliber games are often overlooked by consumers, never receiving the sequels they deserve.

The majority of games featured on this list may have set new benchmarks in the industry, but they were robbed of a chance to explore this potential further in a sequel. Join us, then, as we explore 5 games that deserve sequels.While the likelihood that this will actually set any of these follow-ups in motion is basically zero, it’s always good to vent, right