5 Video Games That Were Robbed Of A Sequel

5) Limbo (2010)


One of the core principles of gaming is that death must be avoided at all costs. How many divorces have been caused by loved ones who distract a gamer at a critical moment, causing their character to plunge to their death?

Limbo wowed Xbox 360 gamers back in 2010, inviting players to explore an eerie afterlife where death was crucial to successful navigation of the increasingly difficult puzzles thrown their way. The monochrome visuals and dark subject matter resonated with players and critics alike, elevating this small indie game into one of the Live Arcade’s biggest success stories.


Developers Playdead are currently working on a game called Inside that has been described as a spiritual sequel to Limbo, but will this satiate fans of the original? The appeal of Limbo lay partly in the mystery that enshrouded the game world itself.

Was the main character really dead or simply dreaming? A sequel would have to carefully navigate this central issue without making it seem too forced, but for those who felt the original game was too short, Limbo 2 would be welcomed with open arms.