5 WTF Moments From The Final Fantasy Series


5) Random Slutty Dancing Girls (FFIV)

Final Fantasy is known for sprawling, epic storylines that literally span the entire world, following the journey of the central characters as they battle the forces of evil. Along the way though, the group inevitably stops off in a handful of small towns to stock up on supplies, buy marginally better weapons and magically heal by sleeping at the local inn. The developers need to find a way to make each of these random stops unique and interesting enough to maintain interest in between the larger-scale events, so sometimes quirky characters make the occasional appearance.

Final Fantasy IV takes this to a whole new level though, randomly throwing in slutty dancing girls who perform for the protagonist Cecil at regular intervals and pop up out of nowhere. Each dance has literally no bearing on the story in any way, but the devs still felt it necessary to include them.

The first time you come across one of these characters is a WTF moment which is surpassed only by the second or third time they appear. Where the hell do they keep coming from?

Misogynist perversion, or a a funny distraction? You decide!

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