5 WTF Moments From The Final Fantasy Series


4) Catching Frogs (FFIX)

final fantasy quina

Many of the more unusual characters in Final Fantasy are also cute in their own unique way. For example, Little Vivi from Final Fantasy IX may not have any facial features, but his small stature and lack of speech make him rather endearing somehow… and then there’s Quina Quen.

Quite simply put, Quina is one of the freakiest characters ever conjured up by the Final Fantasy design team. The large white creature has no apparent gender and is easily identified by its ginormous red tongue and poor language skills. To top it all off, s/he wears a pink apron and a chef’s hat at all times.

After Quina joins the party, it quickly becomes apparent that this thing is more interested in trying different cuisines than saving the world. While the rest of the team use swords and daggers to battle their various enemies, Quina uses forks as weapons.


As if this wasn’t odd enough, the extent of Quina’s strangeness doesn’t really sink in until the player encounters s/he’s mini-game challenge: catching frogs. By visiting certain marshes and grabbing as many amphibians as possible, Quina collects special items and can eventually acquire his/her ultimate weapon by finding 99 frogs and defeating his/her mentor, Quale.

Twenty-five minutes or so of constant frog catching eventually nets you the Gastro Fork, a prized possession among the Qu race. Is it worth it? Check out the clip below and judge for yourself.

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