6 Games That Are More Difficult Than Dark Souls III

Mega Man 3


The Mega Man series has long been reputed for its tricky platforming sequences and tough boss battles. Mega Man gameplay isn’t so much about speed and quick reactions as much as it is about timing and strategy, requiring players to concentrate on careful movement and the study of enemy attack patterns.

When played by veterans of the series Mega Man is graceful to watch; there is an elegance to its perfectly balanced gameplay which is mercilessly difficult but always fair. Respect a Mega Man game and you’ll be rewarded with a superlative gaming experience, but try to rush in without appreciating the required strategy and the game will chew you up and spit you out.

Although the second entry in the series, Mega Man 2, features on many lists for the greatest games of all-time and probably does score highest as an overall experience, the third game introduced a new sliding mechanic and some horrendously tough boss battles.

In fact, in a surprise ending, Mega Man 3 requires players to not only replay every defeated boss from the game, but to also defeat every boss from Mega Man 2 as well. Oh, and there are no save points either.