6 Reasons Why No Man’s Sky Might Be The Most Important Game Ever Made


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Excitement for No Man’s Sky is at fever pitch as the game gears up for its worldwide launch today. The verdict from the press so far is good, and early adopters are streaming the game live, lifting the veil on a title that has been stepped in mystique. Now that we’re all getting a better look at what No Man’s Sky is about, one thing is clear: its formula for procedural generation truly works.

Yes, every planet is different and there are an infinite number in total. Well, not quite infinite. The game caps it at 18 quintillion, give or take a few million. It’ll take 500 billion years to discover every single one, and at a $50 asking price, it represents pretty good value.


So, there’s a surplus of stuff to see, but what’s surprising is how it plays: No Man’s Sky is as much a game of survival as it is of exploration and demands that you harvest resources for fuel and energy in your quest to reach the centre of the universe.

I can’t think of another game that has generated so much buzz throughout the entertainment industry at large. Is it the biggest launch ever? Perhaps, and for an indie title, that’s pretty cool. More importantly, it represents a herculean leap forward in what’s possible in our medium.

And so, with that in mind, here are 6 reasons that I think No Man’s Sky will be a watershed moment in the history of video gaming.