6 Video Game Bosses That Are Freaky As Hell

Giant Aborted Zombie Nazi Kardashian Fetus From South Park: The Stick of Truth


So some people are probably laughing right now, and some people are probably appalled. I think that the creators of South Park enjoy both reactions equally, to be honest. Though more absurd and darkly comic than most of the other bosses on the list, just the simple fact that you are playing as a child fighting a zombie, Nazi, giant fetus who survived an abortion and once lived inside a Kardashian (note, I won’t name the Kardashian, but I will give you a hint: She is the fat one) is sick and twisted beyond belief. How this even got made is beyond me. Oh yeah, that’s right, it almost didn’t.

The best part is, building up to this, you fight a bunch of smaller zombie aborted fetuses, and you think that is as shocking as it is going to get. But then it just gets even worse.

Spoiler alert: you actually perform an abortion, on Stan’s dad. Take that, conservatives! An abortion mini-game, for fuck’s sake. That might be a high water mark for gaming at its most fucked up.