6 Video Game Moments That Make You Feel Like A True Badass

5) Beating Final Boss – Asura’s Wrath


You probably figured there would be a boss fight or two in here, right? Boss fights are a great way to make you walk away feeling like a badass. You are usually much smaller than your opponent, and upon first glance, it often looks like you have no chance of surviving. While we will see another great example of this further down the list, when it comes to big bosses, few can touch on the size of the final opponent in Asura’s Wrath.

A bat shit crazy game from start to finish, feeling badass might actually be an understatement here. While some may take issue with the fact that the battle ends up being a button mashing fest, it is not about the actual battle. It is about how you are the size of a mite compared to this thing, but slowly and surely, you decimate it. It is outlandish and extreme and encompasses every single thing that makes video games so awesome.

Seriously. You need to play this game.