6 Video Game Moments That Make You Feel Like A True Badass

4) Surviving The Suicide Mission – Mass Effect 2


Before I say anything else, let it be known that I survived the suicide mission and kept my entire team alive (except Kanye, who we see highlighted above because I hated him) without looking up any guides or FAQs. I just played the fucking game.

The thing is, I got sucked into it, so of course I did every side mission and optional quest. But I had no idea of just how many elements needed to line up perfectly for this to happen. I only found out after, and was blown away by the fact that I somehow managed to pull it off. And those who have done it know just what I am talking about.

You are back on the Normandy, and you are giving your team the best post-battle pep talk ever. They all sit there, looking up at you like you are some demigod, and it feels amazing. You feel like you truly pulled off something rare and difficult, and considering how attached you become to your crew over the course of that game, you feel pretty damn proud of the fact that you kept them alive. Plus, if you are like me, you slept with half of them, which made it even MORE awesome.

It’s an incredible moment in an overall fantastic trilogy. Ending forgiven.