6 Video Game Twist Endings That Will Leave You Shocked

BioShock Series

Ah, 2k Games. The true lovers of the twist ending. I know I could cite some of their earlier examples before the BioShock series, but isn’t BioShock why we are here, after all? It was BioShock (and System Shock before it) that let gamers know just how much of an impact really good twist endings could have. And while I know I could talk about BioShock: Infinite here, I will only nod to that game, as I’m sure a few of you still haven’t played it.

Anyways, the twist in the first BioShock game was pure perfection. It will forever change plot twists and twist endings in games to come. It showed us that we, as gamers, were sheep. It was meta-commentary on how we do what we are told, not only in gaming, but in society. It was awesome, caught absolutely everyone off guard and probably won’t be surpassed for a long, long time.

But, I’m sure you all know how it goes by now, so we’ll move on. If you’d like to relive it though before the next entry, check out the video above.