Enough Already: 6 Video Games Franchises That Need To End


Disclaimer: This article is an opinion piece, which does not represent the views of We Got This Covered or its staff as a whole.

I can completely understand that people who are diehard fans of certain video game franchises will be pissed off by this article. Please remember, though, it is an opinion piece (like most articles you’ll find on the web), so rather than find out where I live and try to kill me for insulting one of your favorite franchises, why not just take to the comments after having read the entire piece and rationally tell me why you disagree with my theory about that particular franchise? Just a thought.

Second, just because a franchise is on the list does not mean it is not or was not a great series at one point. It might have even recently ended on a high note, but since announced a new entry. In other words, I am not insulting any of these series. I am simply saying that with all good things, you need to know when to call it quits. Would you rather be the person who walked out of the party early with an air of mystery around you, or the last person at the party, laying in your own vomit, passed out while people Sharpie your face? I have been both, and can tell you to go with option one.

All I am saying is, a couple of the franchises on this list are pretty damn close to being the last, vomit soaked person at their own party. Most games series reach a pinnacle (or massive downfall) in their third volume, and anything that comes out after that is often just a cash grab at fanboys. The best series learn how to evolve, even in little ways (GTA being the best example of this), but the worst just become steaming piles of shit over time.

On that note, here are six video game series that just need to f*ck off before they soil themselves, and a few who already have. Oh, and to the people who yell at me because Saints Row is not on the list, at least that game TRIES to switch itself up. Not saying it always works, but you can at least sense the effort to try to present something different every time.