Enough Already: 6 Video Games Franchises That Need To End

1) Resident Evil


Let me start this off by saying I was the ultimate Resident Evil fanboy until part six. I played through every single (console) game, and even despite the buggery of the A.I in part five and the lean towards action, it was still a lot of fun for me. But then something happened.

In between part five and part six, they decided to go full Michael Bay on us and just filled their game with set-piece moments, quick-time events, new characters who were hard to like and new gameplay mechanics that were just impossible to enjoy.

The game also felt like it suddenly thought it was the coolest kid in the class, and was really just the fat kid trying way too hard (story of my life, which is why I use that analogy a lot). If this series had ended after part four, it would have gone down in the record books as a game changer. Instead, they just announced part seven and even though they say it will “return to its roots,” isn’t that why we have the awesome The Evil Within now?

In other words, you and your shitty movies need to move on. Game over.