The 7 Biggest Video Game DLC Rip-Offs


7) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Horse Armor

Offending money-spinner: Horse Armor pack

OK, you all knew this was going to be here, smartasses, so let’s get it out of the way. Basically, in 2006, you all paid money to have your horse wear a metal booty-plate. Being a single-player game, no one else was going to see it, and it’s absolutely plausible that even if they had been able to, nobody would have cared. In some cases, the so called “armor” actually made your horse easier to kill. All in all, it was a bit naff.

And the price for all this naffness? $2.50. It may not seem like much, but glance up again and just see what exactly that money bought you. And don’t forget too, that this was way back in 2006 – so adjusting for inflation it was like 100 dollars, or something. Maybe. The icing on the cake of this gem is that the Armor pack was not even included in subsequent Game Of The Year versions of Oblivion, meaning people are still spending $2.50 on it eight years later.

Not many people by now though, I’d hope. Just two or three of the kind of people that still need their food cut up for them.

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