7 Games That Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Is “Borrowing” From

So, there it is then. The new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Except, it’s a franchise that’s now basically synonymous with creating its sequels using “ctrl + V” shortcuts, so how much of it is really new? It’s not a series in its death throes, by any stretch of the imagination, and even middle-of-the-road reviews for last year’s Ghosts couldn’t stop it from selling $1 billion worth of units in just 24 hours. But overall – compared with the previous Black Ops 2 numbers – sales were down.

However, even worse than the franchise’s dwindling value (an Activision employee’s head just exploded at this concept), it’s now seriously lacking something more – credibility. The game, no matter how many of people buy it, is now basically just a laughing stock. A forum punchline. A crappy meme.

Question is, what can be done about it? Well, the poor old developers (although there are about 30,000 of them or something) only get a year to turn out a brand new game, and after 13 straight titles it seems like they’ve truly run out of steam. Let’s not forget that one of Ghosts’ genuine, developer-discussed, new features was fish that swam away if you got too close to them during underwater sequences. You know, like they had in Super Mario in 1996. Oh, and there was a dog with a camera on his head for a few levels, too.

So, I think we’re all in agreement something needs to change. I mean really change. And if you’re all out of ideas, what’s the next best thing? Borrow from others, of course. Watch that trailer again before you proceed and let’s see if we can’t pick out a few “new” ideas from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that seem a bit too familiar.

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  1. mph23says:

    CoD sucks. The 12 year old homophobic racists who obsess over it online suck. The US military branch that probably secretly funds its development sucks. These games are the reality TV of video gaming.
    FPS = the lowest form of gaming.

    1. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      Woah, easy there pal… to be fair to CoD, some of those racist homophobes are WAY older than 12.

    2. Hodorsays:

      With the money they make off all the 12 year olds I don’t think they need any funding.
      Its easy for them to play off racism when the core audience already is racist.

      1. mr jsays:

        seems like all you cod haters are the worser evil of the 2

      2. Anonymoussays:

        Learn to use grammar before trying to insult people.

    3. Brian Sleidersays:


  2. iron helixsays:

    Lol this is funny stuff. And the more I watch the trailer, the more I agree. CoD really is running on empty. There’s nothing new to see here.

    1. Brian Sleidersays:

      All media is running on empty, there are no new ideas, just coats of paint.

      1. CrazyEyes Akeyashykibansays:

        Give me a game that immerses me into the game, similar to .dothack or Sword Art Online (yes Anime but its relevant here) and I’ll play these coats of paint anyday.

  3. Bridgersays:

    “just how advanced is Advanced Warfare? Surely it’s not the 538 years ahead that Halo is? I’m pretty sure one of the cars I saw in the trailer was a Honda Civic”

    Too good.

    1. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      Thanks, my mum wrote it.

  4. Your'Dad'sDadsays:

    Well.. I’m 52, not a racist, not a homophobe and my friends and I know how to create a party and even mute our’ mics to better enjoy multi-player without the “squeakers”. Ghost was a downer but it still plays better than most of the games the author mentions. With all those sales numbers and the fact that there is always a lot of people playing the multi-player it’s entirely possible that COD haters simply whine a lot and post on the internet. Play what you want and shut-up. Until they put out a game that’s unplayable I’m ready for the next one.

    1. Rubadubdubsays:

      I don’t get it either. I only use the mic when I’m playing with friend’s so the community doesn’t affect me at all. Sure, it is basically the same game every year but that’s the way it is with all the franchises. The negative attempts to bury the game aren’t working because it is a best seller year after year. If you are such a elite hardcore gamer then it shouldn’t bother you that all the “peasants” you don’t want to play with are playing it. Don’t play the damn game if it upsets you so much. Simply as that.

      1. mr jsays:

        i agree if you dont like it, why waste your time on it complaining about it just stay away from it, let people who like it enjoy it, and go away and play wat ever you like playing. simply as that, by wasting your time watching cod videos simply to talk shitt about it your just proving your dumbass think you know it all loser, i dont like halo or battlefield but i dont go all over the net talking bad about them, i just leave it alone, thats what cod haters should do,

    2. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      If you think Ghosts plays better than Vanquish then I’m taking you out of my will.
      (in my will I leave you Vanquish)

  5. Alastair Haelsays:

    The game isn’t out yet and you’re already bitching about. Wait until there’s some fucking gameplay before you start complaining. I’m not a fan of Cod but to say it’s ripping off of X series is pretty dumb seeing as most of the games u listed are also ripoffs. Titanfall is a mecha shooter, guess what else is a mecha shooter that came out wayy earlier? Steel Batallion! Halo borrows half of its references from Larry Niven’s ringworld series and most sci fi series. Battlefield was originally a WWII shooter that ripped off of CoD and Medal of Honor. Etc Etc. Games are always taking what other games offered and improving on it!

    1. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      The key word here is ‘improving’.

    2. Allensays:

      Battlefield did not rip off Call of Duty, Battlefield 1 came out in 2002 when Call of duty 1 come out in 2003 so please tell how in holy Fuck did Battle field rip off Call of duty study your shit before posting. And just in case Halo come out 2001 before Battlefield and Call of duty.

      1. Duke of hazardsays:

        BF4 ripped off Black Ops 2 with non linear campaign. Some scenes in BF4 were ripped straight from B02. Also they are making their maps smaller. Guess which other game has that. Oh yeah, COD. Just because the original BF came out before the original Cod does not mean the recent BF can’t rip off Cod.

      2. CrazyEyes Akeyashykibansays:

        No one plays Battlefield for campaign. If my memory serves me right, Battlefield originally was just a multiplayer game up until the number 3 (maybe earlier but it originally didnt have a campaign). they added a “story” to appeal to the masses. otherwise, who cares about the story, I know I don’t. It’s not like Halo where you played for the story. The point of Battlefield is to freaking upgrade through the ranks, get better weapons, armor for vics, etc. COD, after modern warfare 2, has been copy pasta gaming. Sure, Battlefield is probably copy pasta as well, but at least theres SO much more going for it than noob tubing and very very small levels with no vehicles.

  6. ParagonRenegadesays:

    Good points raised here, but there’s an oversight here;

    Call of Duty games have 18-month development cycles, not a year. This has recently been bumped up to 30 months by having three developers.

  7. Christopher Penningtonsays:

    They forgot to mention that in addition to the titles they mentioned the previous installments “borrowed” heavily from the Killzone franchise. Turret guns, the sniper rifle bullet trails, escort drones, the semtex grenades are exactly the same…beep beep beep Boom! you suck donkey nuts COD since MW2.

    1. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      Can you actually *prove* that it sucks donkey nuts? It’s a wild accusation. I smell another Activision lawsuit.

      1. Christopher Penningtonsays:

        I cannot actually prove it, but my pet donkey gets a beautific smile on his face when i put the disk under his sac.

  8. Anonsays:

    The game has been in development for a number of years but it apparently steals ideas from games that have been released in the past 12 months. Good research skills.

    1. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      Thanks man.

    2. mr jsays:

      these ideas have been thought up by people for decades and have been in many things, so call of duty isnt doing anything wrong

    3. Anon is fcking retardedsays:

      An those recently released games weren’t in development for a number of years? And other developers would have no idea of other games in production?
      Good insult skills.

  9. ..........says:

    And those games “borrowed” stuff from other games, movies, books, etc. one thing clearly wrong though is the fact that you press buttons on the controller that’s clearly from pong jeez.

  10. RA3030says:

    I can’t believe I’m coming to the Call of Duty defense. CoD is a shooter and there are hundreds of them now. “They all” take from other games all of them. TitanFall just released and people like the person that did this article was saying “TitanFall will change everything” yet it has not one thing new or that we’ve not seen before and it will change nothing. Many like this person who did this article called TitanFall the “Call of Duty killer” then ofcourse TitanFall released to an epic fail. No game has the replay value a Call of Duty game has. Say what you will about Call of Duty no game gets played more and as far as any game being a Call of Duty killer well that’s never gonna happen. Take TitanFall and any 2 other FPS games and combine there sales and you still won’t outsell the last Call of Duty. It’s funny how gamers are taking shots at Ghost “me included” but Ghost is still selling very well 7 months after release. The only game that will be the Call of Duty Ghost killer is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare then in a year repeat.
    All these games CoD steals from its just gotta hurt. They take others ideas and use them to make billions while the original game could only make millions and of that millions they pay people to write anti Call of Duty articles saying their game will be the Call of Duty killer. That’s gotta hurt. Ouch!

  11. Dannsays:

    I wouldn’t say ripped off. I just watched the multiplayer reveal on xbl. It does indeed remind me of elements from these games. So it’s kind of a frankenstein of several games. It looks good on paper and even decent on recorded video. Like many have commented, there’s nothing wrong with this and we won’t know if it’s good until we play. I think it has the potential to be a very good mix of these other games as well as bring it’s own customization to the table.

  12. Jimmy2xssays:

    Well it’s safe to say that I will not be get in this game I have been a call of duty fan and consumer for the past seven years. I just want to good old shooter game it’s looking a little bit more like Halo without the lasers. I like how some years they went back to war war two and then back to a more modern war like environment. I think they should have went back to a old school war maybe like Vietnam or maybe a desert storm one type of environment I don’t think going into a future Halo type of environment was the right move not feeling it.

  13. Jimmy2times***says:

    ***Well it’s safe to say that I will not be getting this game. I have been a call of duty fan and consumer for the past seven years. I just want a good old shooter game. This new game is looking a little bit more like Halo without the lasers. I like how some years they went back to war war two and then back to a more modern war like environment. I think they should have went back to a old school war maybe like Vietnam or maybe a desert storm one type of environment I don’t think going into a future Halo type of environment was the right move not feeling it.

  14. Cris Campossays:

    I hate how just because the game is COD people are raging on it saying things like “OMG that looks like Titanfall they copied” this game has been in development before these games were even announced, im not a COD fanboy or anything but if it was Battlefield doing this or any other game people would not be doing this.

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