7 Games That Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Is “Borrowing” From


1) Titanfall

Advanced-Warfare 01

Okay, let’s get the most obvious comparison out of the way. And even before we do that, the most obvious fault: Advanced Warefare is just an utterly terrible name. But ‘advanced’ the war is, and with that seems to come the idea of a mechanical exoskeleton. And to be clear, the above image reall is from Advanced Warfare, not Titanfall. So here we are at a fascinating juncture.

The developers of the original Modern Warfare leave Activision for EA, to create an advanced shooter involving mechanical suits. The remaining development team for the Modern Warfare game struggle to stay relevant and so create a new sequel involving mechanical suits, which they call Advanced Warfare.

So, with EA sitting pretty on original rival Battlefield, and now Titanfall, it’s almost as if Activision ordered their developers to directly combine both those game’s unique selling points into one mega-rival of their own. Obviously they would never do that, of course, and I’m sure developer Sledgehammer had complete creative freedom. They just happened to come up with futuristic mechs and jetpack soldiers purely by coincidence, right?

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