7 Games That Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Is “Borrowing” From

2) Battlefield 4

Advanced Warfare 02

Yes, Battlefield 4. The clue was probably me spelling it out for you in the previous page. The EA/Activision rivalry is hardly one of quiet nobility, and it’s no secret that EA is slowly turning the tables – thanks mainly to DICE’s ridiculously high-end software. For every skyscraper that completely collapsed or dam that burst in Battlefield 4, a window would break in Call of Duty. In Battlefield 4 you could hijack a jet, fly it into a hapless enemy, parachute out at the last second and gently float down as it tore a massive crater into the earth. In Call of Duty, throwing a grenade into a room won’t even tip a chair over.

Destructible environments are heavily hinted at in this new trailer though, and frankly, it’s about time. Whether or not it will actually come into fruition is still mere speculation of course, but I’ll bet a fistful of ones that they do. That might also explain the new piece of expendable cover that a soldier deploys at one point, which is definitely not made of tinfoil.