7 Games That Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Is “Borrowing” From

3) Star Wars: Episode I Racer

Advanced Warfare 03

I bet if I let you stand there for 50 years listing the games you thought would be in this article, the N64’s Star Wars: Episode I Racer would never crop up. But look at that screenshot above and tell me that isn’t pure LucasFilm. I mean LucasArts. I mean Disney. God, I don’t know. But look, whatever it is, it’s a space opera floaterbike.

The horrifying point of this is that it seems to confound my worst fears about a new Call of Duty game: on-rails driving sections. Quite what the developers seem to think about player’s enjoyment of these sections remains a mystery, and jumping a giant chasm in a Ski-Doo was just about the limit for me – so having to fly a bloody Podracer around to escape some neo-terrorist in a heavily scripted action sequence would probably be the nail in CoD’s coffin.