7 Things We Loved About Fallout 4’s E3 Showing


It’s just as well that Bethesda formally announced the existence of Fallout 4 prior to E3; had they withheld everything until the annual event, our brains would have exploded from not being able to digest all of the new gameplay features, let alone the reveal itself.

One week on, and we’ve finally had time to absorb every little morsel of information blasted into our eyes by the building-sized conference screen, and boy, is there a lot to get excited for. Like all long-awaited sequels, hype generally becomes their worst enemy, their eventual gameplay reveal never quite living up to the expectations of fans and critics alike.

Not to worry though, Bethesda knows exactly what they’re doing. Fallout 4 looks absolutely brilliant, it’s out this year, and it has a Christmas list’s worth of new stuff. There’s so much to talk about in regards to the game that this list could quite easily have been triple the size it is now, but we’ve cherry-picked the seven greatest additions that caught our eyes the most.