7 Things We Loved About Fallout 4’s E3 Showing


7) The New And Improved Pip-Boy

It may not look all that different in comparison to Fallout 3‘s Pip-Boy at first glance, but the aesthetic differences are actually pretty huge – you only need to Google what the version from that game looked like to get an idea of what we mean.

Aside from the visual changes though, Fallout 4‘s oversized smart watch has received various software upgrades, of which we’re sure there are more to come. So far though, it looks like all of the cute little Vault Boy images are now fully animated rather than static, and there’s even several awesomely 50s themed games to play on it.

Above all else, the screen itself looks far cleaner (and devoid of clutter), and there looks to be some usability improvements thrown in for good measure, too – like the button shortcuts to certain parts of the device, as seen above.

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