7 Things We Loved About Fallout 4’s E3 Showing


6) Dogmeat’s New Mechanics

Everyone’s a sucker for a cute and loyal companion in video games, and nothing quite plucks the heart strings more than a dog. Dogmeat’s returning for Fallout 4, but this time around the canine looks far more integral to the overall gameplay experience.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has stated since the company’s E3 gameplay reveal that Dogmeat is flagged as an ‘essential NPC’ – that means he can’t be killed by hostiles or die from any other means. With that in mind, it looks like the developer wants the player to become attached to Dogmeat from the get go. That’s hardly surprising, either. With Fallout 4, we’ll be able to point out items we want him to retrieve for us because, you know, why expend energy doing it yourself when an animal is more than happy to do it for you.

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