7 Next-Gen Games We Desperately Want To See At E3 2014


 1) Halo 5/ Uncharted 4

uncharted-4 halo-5

You’re going to win easy money if you bet on one of these two fierce rivals getting an E3 reveal. Technically I’ve cheated and grouped them in together because although they may be pretty distinguishable games, their aim is the same: to be the killer, system-shifting IP for their respective consoles.

Microsoft are so trusting in their beloved Halo that they built their own dedicated studio for making it. A virtual Halo factory, for all intents and purposes, and with 2012’s Halo 4 slipping $220 million into their pockets on launch day alone, you’d have to have a coroner pronounce you dead if you didn’t think there was another one ready to go in June.

But to contrast, Sony are putting a whole bunch of stock into Naughty Dog, who have been faithfully churning out hits for them since the days of Crash Bandicoot. Uncharted 4, however, is a slightly more tacit assumption. They’ve basically only just finished The Last of Us, and there’s still a dribble of DLC left to come as well as a confirmed PlayStation 4 version in the works. Whilst it doesn’t rule out a little teaser logo for Uncharted 4 making an appearance, it does seem like it may be a bit too much of a ‘cooks-spoiling-the-broth’ scenario.

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