7 Reasons Why The Division Will Be 2016’s Game Of The Year


With its open beta now closed and the full release finally – after numerous delays – just around the corner, judgement day is fast approaching for Tom Clancy’s The Division. By now, thousands of players have had the chance to experience a portion of what Ubisoft’s newest IP has to offer, and the developers themselves have already spoken of their belief that the game will prove to be one of the biggest new IP launches in history.

It’s a big claim, but, on the strength of what we’ve been able to see of The Division so far, is it a particularly outlandish prediction? Well, no, actually; both closed and open betas for the game can be considered a big triumph as far as testing for a AAA title goes, and Ubisoft are right to be feeling a little ballsy as the launch approaches.


In fact, there are plenty of reasons why the developers should already be thinking of where they can put a shiny new Game of the Year trophy when 2016 draws to a close. Skeptical? Don’t be; barring a monumental (though not completely outside the realms of possibility) screw-up between the beta product and the finished version, this action-RPG looks set to be the universal success that Ubisoft have seen slip through their fingers so regularly in recent years.

Still need convincing? Well, let me talk you through seven reasons why The Division is the frontrunner to be 2016’s Game of the Year…

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