8 Upcoming Indie Games That Should Be On Your Radar


Take a peek at the video game release schedule over the next 6 months and you’re likely to go weak at the knees. We’re certainly in for a roller coaster ride of wonderful entertainment, with everything from intriguing new IPs, long-awaited sequels, and even the annualized franchises making bold changes to their upcoming titles.

Indeed, with such a whirlwind of hype surrounding the industry’s big guns, it would be easy to forget the upcoming projects of smaller independent studios, and that would be a massive shame because if you look closely, there are some absolute gems set to launch in the not too distant future.


We’re big fans of indie game developers here at WGTC because they continue to prove that creativity and innovation is capable of trumping a mega budget, and we owe some of our favorite gaming experiences in recent years to these humble studios.

Talent among indie devs certainly isn’t in short supply, but marketing muscle is a different story, and that’s largely why many of these games aren’t being talked about enough. In light of that fact, we’ve compiled a list of 8 games that we believe should be firmly on your radar for the rest of 2016 and early 2017.